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Office of Information Security

Office of Information Security

Security Awareness Resources

Internet Threats



This page gives an idea of what phishing is, how phishers commit fraud to act like they are from a legitimate company, and preventive measures against those frauds.


 Email spam


This page gives an idea of what is Email spam is, how spammers act to obtain your financial or personal information, and preventive measures to avoid Email spams. 


Identity Theft

Identity Theft Protection

identity theft

This page helps to know what measures are to be taken to prevent identity theft and actions to be taken if you are a victim of Identity theft.


How to Encrypt Files


This page has information on how to encrypt your documents when sending and storing critical data. If a document has important information it is highly recommended to encrypt the file with a password and only share it with those who need access to it.

Social Networking

Using social networking safely 

social networking





Knowing of things to do and things not to do with the social networking sites helps people to avoid the risks of losing identity, phishing and falling into scams.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to any object or device which connects to the Internet to automatically send and/or receive data. There are security risks associated with IoT and this page contains guidelines and tips on how to avoid and protect against these security risks.

Security Awareness Videos

Stay Safe Online Videos

awareness videos





The videos in this page help to know about different online frauds and tips to protect yourself from these frauds. 


Security Alerts






This page acts as a platform to keep our students and faculty aware of the latest phishing emails and any other online frauds.

Safe Online Practices

Tips for safe online practices

safe online practices





 It is important to follow the safe online practices in order to prevent the online frauds happening to you rather than taking actions after once the damage has happened to you.

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