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Office of Information Security

Office of Information Security

Security Alerts

If you see spam/phishing in your inbox:

  • Select the message you'd like to report.

  • Click the spam button dot Report spam icon in the toolbar above your message list.

  • (If you have the message open, you can also report it as spam by using the same button.)

To know more about how a spam email looks, how to identify and prevent them please refer to our spam email page.




The USG as issued an alert concerning a suspicious email received by USO employees.

The message with the subject line New Job Offer and sent by Bent Maxwell
contains no content except for a attachment named EDUCATIONAL DOCUMENT.rtf
The email is not

Do not open any attachments or click on any embedded link. This could compromise your account.

If you have received a message that matches this description please delete it.


Users at EGSC received a phishing email this morning ( 8:22am 2/12/18) that was addressed from the President of EGSC, via an Earthlink account. We were able to determine that other schools in the USG were sent similar emails. Both appear to be from the office of the President at the respective school. 

Clicking the link in the below image would lead to a fake login page which would capture the information. We ask  everyone to please review their email and be vigilant 






On 11/27/17 UITS was alerted to a Phishing page mimicking our OneCSU login page

In the image below the highlighted URL is not linked to CSU
Phishing site

UITS asks students, faculty, and staff when connecting to MyCSU
to make sure the page is secure by checking for a secure URL

Secure Site

Always make sure your page is secure when visiting CSU websites. This ensures that you're in the right place and your information is safe


There has been a "Phishing" attempt directly targeting Columbus State University email accounts. Please delete this email and notify UITS if you have clicked the link in the email. Below is a image of the Email:

From: IT Desk <>
Date: Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 9:09 AM
Subject: New Courses


Here is a link to course registration need to register today.

Sign up today in Eduphoria.

Cindy Glenn

Instructional Technology Specialist

North East Independent School District

Twitter: @ibceendy


spam alert

There has been a "Spear Phishing" attempt directly targeting Columbus State University Employee's Please delete this email and notify UITS if you have clicked the link in the email. Below is a image of the Phishing Email




We have learned there may be a "Spear Phishing" email campaign targeting post-secondary institutions and high schools in Georgia. As indicated below, the emails in question appear to be coming from but the FROM line includes a different email address (1), the SUBJECT line references some sort of invoicing (2), and the BODY of the email contains an embedded URL to a non-GSFC website (3).

If this email is received please delete it immediately.

Spear_Phising Email


The following spam email appearing to come from a Ricoh-usa billing specialist has been observed in MyCSU emails. Please delete immediately when you receive it.

spam email alert