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Office of Information Security

Office of Information Security

CSU Critical Document Shredding Guidelines

The Archive Department from hereon will be scheduling dates with River Mill Data Management to bring their truck on campus to shred papers in the bins. 

The below steps will still apply in order to have your critical documents picked up anytime of the year.

Here are the procedures for requesting your papers to be picked up for shredding:

  1. Collect your papers in some sort of box (empty paper boxes work well) and mark the box - SHRED PAPERS.  Do not write TRASH on the lid. Make sure it is in a safe place until the box is full.  Here is a form to print and tape to the top of the box.
  2. Once the box is full create an eQuest for Logistical Services to pick up the box.  There is an option in eQuest under Logistical Services burn/shred papers.  This the option to select. Fill out the eQuest accordingly.
  3. If you have several boxes please list the quantity in the eQuest. List the exact location for the box and a good time for Logistical Services to pick them up in case the box is in a locked closet. 
  4. Logistical Services will pick them up and take them to the locked area where the paper bins are located.
  5. Logistical Services will close the eQuest.

Please place your eQuest for pick up a week before the dates they will be on campus.

The scheduled times for River Mill Data Management to come to the CSU Campus to shred papers:

Monday - January 30th  Monday – February 20th
Monday - March 13th Monday – April 3rd and April 24th
Monday - May 15th Monday – June 5th and June 26th
Monday - August 28th Monday – October 2
Monday - October 30th Monday – December 11

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 ftc     A pack rat's guide to shredding

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