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Office of Information Security

Office of Information Security

Mission Statement

The Office of Information Security provides CSU students, faculty, and staff with timely information as it relates to data security.

The Office of Information Security is responsible for assuring information confidentiality, data integrity, and systems availability. We accomplish this by:

  • Educating the campus community about security related issues
  • Developing and enforcing policies and routinely reviewing those policies
  • Utilizing the strongest technical measures possible to protect campus resources
  • Developing measures to react to incidents and events that endanger the institution's information assets


The Office of Information Security team are proud to display our accomplishments

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Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS) has become a continuing effort to recruit, retain and advance women in cybersecurity. It brings together women (students/faculty/researchers/professionals) in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry for sharing of knowledge/experience, networking and mentoring.

Loretta Marshall, the UITS Information Security Administrator, will be presenting at the WiCyS 2017 Conference that takes place on March 31st-April 1st in Tucson, AZ. Her presentation topic at the conference will be about Organizing Cyber Security Awareness Month for a University Campus . More information about the WiCyS 2017 conference can be found at the Information Security  blog.

Splunk Day Technical Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the Splunk Day Technical meeting from various universities within the University System of Georgia. Georgia Institute of PresenterTechnology - Kyle Koza was the morning presenter with a great question and answer session before the lunch break.

Kennesaw State University - Stephen Gay and team demonstrated how they used Splunk to identify the use of a key logger on a PC and the ability to monitor and capture the user changing grades.

The session ended with a tour of the CSU Cyber Security Center of Excellence lab by Abraham George and Wayne Summers.

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STE(A)M is the infusion of Art and Music to the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

The Office of Information Security – Dee Spivey & Loretta Marshall along with colleagues from UITS participated in this year's expo. In addition to presenting to students the importance of having a secure password, we also showcased the Google glass and 3D printers.

Cyber Security Newsletters


June:           Lessons From WannaCry

May:            Securing Today's Online Kids

April:           Passphrases

March:        Securely Using Mobile Apps

February:   Staying Secure on the Road

January:     Social Engineering

SANS 2016 Archived Newsletters

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May:           Are You Really Being Secure Online?

April:          Digital Spring Cleaning

March:       Common IT Wisdom That Keeps You Secure

February:  Staying Safe From Tax Season Scams

January:    Looking Forward: 2017's Top Threat Prediction

MS-ISAC 2016 Archived Newsletters

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