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Office of Information Security

Office of Information Security

Mission Statement

The Office of Information Security provides CSU students, faculty, and staff with timely information as it relates to data security.

The Office of Information Security is responsible for assuring information confidentiality, data integrity, and systems availability. We accomplish this by:

  • Educating the campus community about security related issues
  • Developing and enforcing policies and routinely reviewing those policies
  • Utilizing the strongest technical measures possible to protect campus resources
  • Developing measures to react to incidents and events that endanger the institution's information assets


The Office of Information Security team are proud to display our accomplishments

       cissp                           sigma                          isoc

            CISSP Certified                                   Lean Six Sigma certified sigma                   Hosted The 2015 USG Information Security Officers Conference


CSU Cyber Security Awareness Poster Contest Winner

CSU Cyber Security Awareness Poster Contest Winner 2016    


First Place Winner and Winner of the Microsoft Surface 4 Tablet

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 Poster Winner Poster Winner




Tips & Awareness



Information Technology Handbook (last modified July 14, 2015)







TE(A)M:uL8! is a first of its kind, action-packed Spring STE(A)M festival in the greater Chattahoochee Valley, Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama areas.

STE(A)M is the infusion of Art and Music to the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The Office of Information Security – Dee Spivey & Loretta Marshall along with colleagues from UITS participated in this year's expo. In addition to presenting to students the importance of having a secure password, we also showcased the Google glass and 3D printers.

Cyber Security Newsletters


December:       Securely Disposing of Your Mobile Device

November:      Using The Cloud Securely

October:         Four Steps to Staying Secure

September:     Email Do's and Don'ts

August:          Ransomware

July:              CEO Fraud 

June:             Encryption

May:              Internet of Things (IoT)

April:             I'm Hacked, Now What?

March:           What is Malware?

February:       Securing your Home Network

SANS - 2015   Archived Newsletters  



December:     New Device? Check Your CyberSecurity!

November:    Cyber Tips for Holiday Shopping

October:       Beware of Malware

September:   Two-Factor Authentication

August:        Back to School

July:           Going for Gold in Cybersecurity

June:          Travelling Securely

May:           CyberSecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015

April:          Phishing Emails and You

March:        Why Strong, Unique Passwords Matter 

February:    Avoiding Online Tax Scams

MS-ISAC - 2015 Archived Newsletters





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